Amy Wong (spleesh) wrote,
Amy Wong

001 | First Flirtation | Voice

Alright, what's going on here? None of the stuff in this bag that lady gave me is familiar at all. And, spleesh, what was with that lady? She so wasn't my mother. I'm sure I'm not on Mars, anyway. Or Earth, for that matter. This map makes that really obvious. I mean-
[A scream can be heard.]
...I tripped.

Anyway, that professor guy gave me this funky-looking bug-thing. He said it's called a Ledbya. Whatever, I'm calling her Lucy. Apparently I'm, like, supposed to train her and make her fight and stuff? I'm not sure that's exactly my style...

Ugh, what am I doing here? And why is it so hot?
Tags: ic, not the year 3000, pokemans what are those?
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